Here’s Looking at You

Usually I paint on paper, canvas, or wood panels. Today I painted on a small table John gave me a … More

A Really Good Day

Spent the day preparing the gallery for the VIP dinner this evening and putting some final touches on the food … More


Today’s Barcelona tiles are pink. I ended up having a pretty good day. I worked on promoting these special watercolor … More

I Like Drawing Dogs

So I drew a Pointer puppy for absolutely no reason except I like drawing dogs, especially Pointers. My mood has … More


Today’s color for the Barcelona tiles is purple. Kind of a meh day. I had to go to the post … More

It’s a Wrap!

The 2021 Christmas Boxes are packed and wrapped! I have one still unclaimed one, so let me know if you … More

A Break

No flower tiles today. I took a little break from making them to spend time with a small dog and … More

Green and Yellow

Today’s flower tiles are green and yellow. I took the day to relax, exercise, do some light cleaning, and finish … More


Today’s color for the Barcelona tiles was green. I have to admit, I picked it because I had a vile … More