Today’s color for the Barcelona tiles is purple.

Kind of a meh day. I had to go to the post office. I hate the post office or maybe I should just say I hate that type of errand and because I hate it so much it pretty much dominated my day.

Walks were not as fun today as yesterday. Yesterday, after the rain, it seemed kind of magical to walk around and I could hear many frogs. Today at some point I even walked around with an umbrella, but it failed to charm me.

Funny, the blahness tends to always be connected to the books I’m reading and listening to. When I don’t happen upon anything I love, I feel a little disenchanted with everything. Life loses its color and flavor. Starting a few new reads tonight, always looking for something that has that transformative power. I hope my books can do that for some of my readers, make life enjoyable. In fact, I know that they do, so why don’t I feel better about it? Isn’t that what’s truly important to me – books that can add color to blah days? Well, maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling happy and accomplished. Or maybe next week during my vacation on the Island.

Funny, today I was trying to talk myself out of said vacation because it’s too extravagant, but perhaps I really really need it. Perhaps one needs to smell the salt air as much as one needs to write about it in books.

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