Let’s Play a Game

I made one more loose and liquid watercolors. I love how it turned out!

Overall, I’m in a very playful mood today. I even straddled a big cow, which was especially fun. So I suggest we play a game. Here goes:

Most people don’t read the blog. They just look at the pictures on social media. So, it’s a great place to hide a secret in plain sight, and I love that kind of stuff.

So, after showing y’all pictures of me on the big cow, I will confess to something very secret.

Are y’all paying attention?

I stole one of John’s little vintage carousel horses. His name is Bartholomew, he’s very cute, and he was lonely and needed to go on an adventure.

I promise you, John does not read this blog.

Let’s see how long it takes for him to notice. I will post pictures on Instagram where you can kind of see Bartholomew but not really. You can search for them using the hashtag #wheresjohnshorse

Fun, right? 😜

And yes, I will give Bartholomew back. (Maybe).


    1. 😂😂😂 I know you read it! I was actually thinking of you and that this will amuse you.

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