Good Timing

Today was the anniversary of the Great Storm of 1900. For me it was mostly a day of small or bigger vexations – one of which being that my friend and I were not able to put my cute new bicycle together because I got a bolt stuck and now the bicycle sit here in pieces like a bizarre postmodern sculpture. The whole thing made me sad. Though my friend and I had fun visiting, and we needed to catch up anyway, so there’s that.

Also, something exciting did happen for me today, and the timing of it was excellent considering it’s the anniversary of the storm and all. The audiobook for Storms of Malhado was processed by ACX and is now available! Totally expect me to make a big fuss over this later on, like when I unveil my Galveston pieces, but for now it’s a nice silver lining to an otherwise disappointing day that my book is available and people can now listen to it!

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