From Pink Tiles to the Red Light District

The day started with me making an arrangement of pink tiles, then starting the glazing process, which, I’m happy to report, is satisfactory. I was worried that the glaze might mess with the shine of the interference paints, but it turns out they play well together.

After my morning glazing I drove to Galveston for research purposes. When I decided to explore the idea of offering my own walking tour, I signed up for Kimber Fountain’s famous Red Light District walking tour. I’d wanted to take it for a long time now just because the topic was so interesting, but now I had the added incentive of learning how she does it.

Y’all, this was so much fun! I learned a lot about the red light district, explored a part of Galveston I don’t know well, and figured out some important things for my own tour. While our topics are different, and the parts of town we’re focusing on are different too, here are some of the important things I want to apply to my own tour. Kimber has a very clear theme for hers. She’s knowledgeable and passionate about her topic, but she also has the theme and message very well articulated and everything centers around it. Seeing this made me realize how such clarity is important and made me meditate on my own message. I have some great ideas for how to rewrite my own tour description and organize my content so it also clearly follows a theme. I’ll do all that tomorrow, as tonight I’m tired and also happily processing my full day. But let me give you an idea: I can concentrate on the three hurricanes in Storms of Malhado, and also on their aftermath and the rebirth of the Island after all the death and destruction. Seems fitting for Halloween: death and renaissance. Tomorrow I’ll articulate it better and rewrite the tour description and some advertising copy.

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