SOS Save the Chanel Girls!

Gardenias and Pearls, 2014, watercolor on paper, 17×22 inches framed

Very glamorous auction item today, and quite a blast from the past. This beautiful framed watercolor revisits one of my favorite themes (read: obsessions) – the Chanel mannequins. You can read the original blog post about its creation here.

So I just reorganized my VIP room at the gallery, and this beauty has lost its wall space. As it’s franed and the frame includes glass, I don’t want it lingerig around without being properly hung. It would be kind to adopt it.

The framed watercolor retails for $500, but bidding starts at a very tempting $150 with $25 bid increments. Please enter bids as comments below. Bidding concludes at 8pm CST.

The frame

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