Yet Another Seascape

Y’all know I love painting seascapes, and there was a prepped wood panel, painted gold, waiting patiently for me to finish hanging the tiles so I could finally paint on it! Well, today was the day. I got to paint yet another seascape, this time using the water based oils and using both brushes and palette knives.

I got to do a few other fun things today. I met my friends at an outdoor dining venue where I drank a Vietnamese iced coffee that will probably keep me up late. I had a fun gallery visit where two more tiles found a good home, and I got to feast on leftovers from my two events this week multiple times during the day.

I also did send out some invites to private previews, and I’m happy to help you schedule one if you wish. Just let me know!

Also, I’ll be at this Community Fall Market tomorrow if you’re in the Spring area. I’ll bring beautiful glamorous Cinderella among other paintings. And rumor has it there’ll be an adult ice cream truck! Need I say more?

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