The Care and Maintenance of Bulls

Today was unexpected and totally good for the soul. An old friend, a very inspiring one at that, the friend I completed The Artist’s Way with way before I could even dream of becoming an artist myself, was in Galveston for a short period of time, and the stars aligned in such a way that my entire day cleared up and I was able to see her. We talked and laughed, explored some of the shops downtown (obviously much time was spent at Tangerine) and it was so good to see that our connection wasn’t lost through time and distance – in fact it seems stronger.

At the Witchery I bought a book about self-care for the various astrological signs. It smells like the Witchery and I love that.

Later my Island friend and I walked to the place where the pelicans hang out. We looked at the water for a very long time and it was beautiful and soothing. I’d say I’ve taken good care of the bull today.

Also, here’s another picture from last week’s photo shoot. Even while I was gone today, I managed to sell a tile to two of my favorite people.

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