Stolen Horse Wine

I made these for John. Bartholomew is still MIA.

No side effects after my shots yesterday except for sore arms. The Pfizer arm is more sore than the flu shot arm. But overall I was happy and energetic throughout the day and only got tired in the evening, which was probably unavoidable considering I had such a full day.

I went grocery shopping in the morning. I actually walked to Kroger. It’s something I want to start making myself do as it’s a good excuse for exercise and also a way to stay mindful about shopping. Having to carry your groceries home will ensure you only get what you need. Sometimes with shopping online it’s too easy to get carried away.

I also successfully auctioned off a painting, wrote my email list an email I really like, made cinnamon toast the good old fashioned way, because a gal has to treat herself, hand-wrote some notes to mail, walked my dog, and then some.

So now I’m tired, and whether it’s from the shots or just a busy day, I welcome it. Sometimes it’s nice to be tired and to go to bed early, even on a Friday.

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