Online Auction: Wine, Please!

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It’s rare that a day goes by when I do not paint, even rarer that I don’t take any pictures, … More

Full Moon Approaching

It’s happening. Mercury Retrograde is easing up – though we’re still in its shadow period. But things are opening up, … More

Pink Camellia

It was chilly out this morning. A cold front is here, with crisp fall weather. I had remembered to turn … More

Meet Penelope

I finally did it, y’all! After stealing Bartholomew (who has since left me for greener pastures), I finally broke down … More

Tiger – Online Auction!

Here’s your chance to adopt a tiger! This beautiful vibrant painting with gold accents depicts the juvenile tiger that was … More

Black Chicken

I could tell you a story about black chicken and funerals but instead I’d rather focus on a different memory, … More