It’s rare that a day goes by when I do not paint, even rarer that I don’t take any pictures, but I guess today is that day. What did I do today? Made travel arrangements – more on that later – then drank two bottles of cava with a friend, laughed a lot, and finally made grilled cheese at midnight. I know I’ll pay for this later with a vile hangover, but it sure was fun.

I also got to thinking about the paths our lives take. Mine are pretty crazy. So many transformations, so many places where things could have taken a different turn. It seems a bit surreal now, especially after the cava, and perhaps even more surreal as I’m getting ready to revisit places from my past. Sometimes the ghosts move on too, and one never gets to confront them, and that’s ok, even desirable, but what about one’s own ghost, the ghost of who you might have been, the ghost of the person or rather persons you once were?

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