Full Moon Approaching

It’s happening. Mercury Retrograde is easing up – though we’re still in its shadow period. But things are opening up, there’s room for new possibilities, new ideas, new energy, and new beginnings.

The weather continues to be beautiful and I took some time to be outside, to walk around. In fact, I might have walked about as much today as I do when I visit much more walkable cities. And though I had already done a fair share of said walking, when the opportunity arose to celebrate a friend’s birthday by meeting her for a sunset walk in the small but charming park close to her place downtown, I got in my car and went. I ended up having to take a detour that led me through some of my favorite parts of Houston. At some point I was on a bridge, the almost full moon rising big and round in the not yet dark sky. Then I drove by Discovery Green and saw people out and some big skull art installation on display. When I finally got to the park by my friend’s place, it turned out to be quite magical, old lush and gnarly live oaks, the moon growing smaller but brighter as the sky slowly darkened. It was nice to be reminded that Houston is a beautiful place. It was nice, too, to have a little adventure, a little fun, and a quiet mindful kind of day. In the end, the things I enjoy most are very very simple and for that I am grateful.

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