A New Era

Change is in the air. It’s a new moon and a new era. After a full year of construction right next door, my sweet new neighbors moved into their expanded and updated house today. My 1920s bungalow will finally be the peaceful oasis I need, and I’ll have nice people living next door instead of contractors hammering, sawing, and drilling.

There are other new and exciting things happening as well. I will be part of an author pop-up in Galveston during the November Art Walk. I’m so very excited about this! And it’s at the Tremont House, my very favorite place!

Also, after a month-long absence and some interesting adventures, Bartholomew is finally back home at John’s.

Surprise? Bartholomew is back!

Also, at John’s tonight I ran into Dalton DeHart, the photographer who took pictures at my solo show back in March. He told me he had the pictures on his website and I was able to find them there. What a wonderful gift! It’s surreal to see them now – all the masks! But this was March, before vaccines, and the world was very different. Now looking back I think it’s surreal that we were able to pull off a successful show back then.

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