First, an important announcement: I just had my very first booking of my Galveston Past and Present walking tour through AirBnb and I’m absolutely ecstatic!

But the rest of my day was good too. I was still tired from yesterday. So I might have lingered around listlessly for a bit, but certain good things did come to pass. Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend at the restaurant we first ate at together 17 years ago on my first trip to Houston. I had been flown in from NY for a job interview. It was winter in New York, warm and sunny in Houston. The very blonde woman picking me up at the airport said to me in a thick Texas accent: “Your flight is early do you like shrimp?” It all sounded like one sentence but I loved shrimp back then and I do like them now, so we shall sit outside and eat them.

Also, I’ve decided to relax about everything. In some ways I’ve met all my goals for the year. The only thing left to do is get to Barcelona and hang my art in the booth at the fair, and that seems like something I should be able to accomplish. Other than that, I will not do one more single thing that’s difficult or unpleasant or meh. I’m done. Bring on the shrimp and fat juicy oysters, the fun ghost tour, hours spent reading, some low-key watercolor painting, and spending blissful hours promoting my books by creating Canva collages to share on Instagram. Oh, and pie. I will probably make sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving and eat it with Penelope the carousel horse.

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