And Just Like That

And Just Like That, Carrie’s smoking again and living in her old apartment, or so I learned from TikTok today. And there’s something about that particular throwback that reminds me of myself 20 years ago living in my own slightly Carrie-like apartment, though mind you, not on the Upper East Side but rather in snowy, depressed, post-industrial Binghamton, NY. Anyway, I might actually watch the show after all. Carrie’s selfish and toxic as always, but something about her being single in the City always appealed to me – especially back in my twenties when I was living in said apartment in Binghamton, NY.

To throw more nostalgia at you, Joan Didion is dead. This, I did not learn from TikTok. I reread Goodbye to All That in her honor and it made a different impression on me than when I first came across it years ago.

Meanwhile in Malaga it rained all day and I went to smell the orange grove in the rain. There’s this particular place in the orange grove where I always take my mask off if nobody’s around, and it smells wonderful.

I watched the news. Mostly because I like the accent of the newscasters. I learned Covid cases are on the rise here and lots of people had to cancel Christmas. Which made me sad, although I’m definitely not one who cares to celebrate holidays, but those sick people probably wanted to and it sucks for them.

I still think the pandemic will end by spring and this new highly contagious but not as severe variant is a sign of that.

Also, it’s actually kind of gross that Carrie smokes. But she’s fictional, and if she were real I wouldn’t want to hang out with her anyway, so there’s that.

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