Walking Tour + Free Tests

Today we received the free Covid tests we ordered from the USPS website! Have I ever told you how much I love the postal service? In my book, they’re up there with the library, representing all things good and holy.

It was freezing outside and the bed was warm, the small dog snoring softly, when the alarm rang this morning. Y’all, I did not want to get up! But I had to go to Galveston for a walking tour, and the second that first drop of coffee hit my bloodstream the excitement sunk in. I dressed warmly and drove on down. The people were very nice, new to Galveston, staying 3 weeks, and my tour was the first thing they did. So that made me feel very useful. I think they’ll have a wonderful time on the Island and they might come to my book release party on February 5th. That would be nice!

After the tour, my friend and I had a big lunch at Maceo’s. We sat outside on our favorite patio, and in the sun it actually felt pretty good. Then I drove home to my little dog and everything was all right with the world. Now if only I can convince Penelope she doesn’t need to take a Covid test because she doesn’t even have nostrils!

Got to say hello to Ronnie’s chickens

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