Pawnshop Bicycle

It was so nice out today and I had to go to the postoffice to send off a book order to one of my favorite readers. It’s a bit of a hike to the postoffice but I decided to walk. On my way back I saw a pawnshop with bicycles out front. Do y’all remember that the lovely pink bicycle I bought last fall is still not assembled and that the process has been quite an ordeal? Sometimes I look at that pretty pink bicycle and think it’s a symbol of everything that’s wrong with my life. Well, I thought it would be fun and empowering to walk into the pawn shop, buy a bicycle, and ride it home. Y’all they sold shotguns and semiautomatic assault rifles in there 😳 but I remained unfazed. I bought my shitty red bicycle and was off. On my way home I grew more and more bold in riding it. I was having fun. Until I got it in the house and slowly but surely my front tire went completely flat. Great! Apparently my house is the place where bicycles come to die. I tried to keep calm and burned some sage and palo santo because I have a sneaking suspicion whoever owned the shitty red bike before me was up to no good. In fact, I might need to write this character into a story. Also, this is probably not the end of the bicycle saga. To be continued.

On a slightly different note, today I want to tempt y’all with an assortment of 6 Tile paintings in Mardi Gras colors:

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