Full Moon Craziness

Yesterday I was mighty sad, missing the dead people from my dreams, but today I woke up and it was warm outside and the day held a sense of possibility. What unfolded has a dreamlike quality to it – a surreal day in which some things were great and others made me mad, but overall I think I did a good job releasing what needed to be released.

I decided, among other things, to take the front tire of the pawn shop bicycle to the bike shop. The bike shop was fancy and hipster-ish with $3,000 bikes for sale, an elaborate espresso machine for customers to enjoy, and two bull terriers roaming around off leash. I love all dogs and these were mighty cute but I was terrified and I had to say so three times before the dogs were put away. Anyway, the people at the shop did replace the inner tube in the tire (which had been patched up with tape by the previous owner) and I managed not to get eaten by a dog.

I got home, got the tire back on, which was empowering enough to make me want to take the wrench to the pink bicycle that’s been waiting to be assembled since September. I managed to remove its front tire too, which had been put on the wrong way, and to put it on correctly. The bike still needs a few minor things, but it’s kind of functional already. I then took both bikes outside. At this point it started to rain, but I rode both bikes out of sheer spite! And I found a $5 bill.

Later a friend annoyed me and I gave this person a piece of my mind. Since it’s a full moon and all. So yes, I’ve been releasing all kinds of stuff. Perhaps the energy will change now.

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