What Did You Manifest?

It was warm but a bit misty today, perfect magical weather for being on the Island and I had a walking tour this morning, so it was where I was meant to be. The day unfolded beautifully. Everything was there. The tour was great fun, then we enjoyed lunch on the patio at Maceo’s and got to see Ronnie. The grackles whistled as if to remind me that on the Island they’re more feisty. I guess, like me, they feel inspired there. Then I met the concierge of my favorite hotel, and although I had to cut my trip short and get back to a certain little dog in Houston, the day was perfect in many different ways, some I didn’t even touch upon in this blog, because there’s simply too much to tell and some surprises are best saved for later.

And while I was happy to be reunited with my favorite canine, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is it time, perhaps, to return to the Island? There might be a nice little loft in my future. I even met someone today who’s restoring a building on 22nd Street. How’s that for some manifestation for 2-22-22?

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