Doodle of Horses

Here’s a random doodle of horses.

It’s cold and I can’t stop watching the news and the world is sad and weird and scary.

I went to the Island today to give a tour, which did serve as a little respite. I also made a really good beef soup. It’s funny, I was talking to an artist friend and I told her I’m afraid to take breaks from making art because I’m afraid I will lose my skills. She said, “Would you be afraid to take a break from cooking? Would you think you might forget how to cook?” I said no, because I’ve been cooking for such a long time and I know I’m an excellent cook. But then tonight I started working on the beef soup and had some moments of doubt. What if the meat turned out hard and inedible? What if I don’t know anything at all? But the meat softened and the broth, fortified by a rind of parmesan among other things, turned out rich and delicious. Perhaps I need to doubt myself less and give myself a break every now and then. Maybe some days I’m tired or sad or whatever and all I can produce is a doodle of horses – or nothing at all.

Oddly enough, I’m comfortable taking breaks from writing but not from making art. I wonder why.

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