Yes, that’s a tiny painting of a can of sardines. And while it’s brand new, it’s a throwback of sorts. Do y’all remember the time two years ago at the beginning of lockdown when stores were running out of supplies and I did a whole series of paintings of staples people were stocking up on? I was thinking about that series today, since it’s almost time to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the publication of Storms of Malhado and that takes me back to that particular point in time. Also, it seems like some paintings of no perishables would go well with celebrating a book about hurricanes – and I definitely want to celebrate! I’m thinking of an art show and party as well as a fundraising effort, because again, tying in the theme of no perishables and fleeing from disaster, we could collect some canned goods for the Houston Food Bank (since food prices have been going up and many people need help) and also raise some money for Ukranian refugees because as Gulf Coast residents we certainly understand and empathize with the challenges of displacement. I have it all planned out in my mind, so stay tuned for more information and invites.

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