Happy Day of Rest

Of course I had to paint the 1920s bureau because I love it so much! There’s something about its elegant presence in my home that has quite a soothing effect on me. I remember I used to feel this way about my favorite apartment in Binghamton, NY, and then not so much about all of the many many places I’ve lived in since. There was something about the aesthetics of that apartment that I found very restful, and I think with the addition of this piece of furniture I’m starting to feel this way about this house.

Or maybe it’s spring coming, the gentle rain outside, the energy of the Full Moon. But I did something today I haven’t done in years: I actually sat on the couch with my little dog and watched two whole movies. I usually don’t have the patience and the desire, but today it felt good to have a day of rest.

Also, look at the wonderful review I got from my walking tour yesterday. This is why I love giving these tours!

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