Happy Day of Rest

Of course I had to paint the 1920s bureau because I love it so much! There’s something about its elegant … More

1920s Bureau

I received this beautiful 1920s bureau from two very special people as a gift. Although I loved it, at first … More

Paella Party!

Usually I make art. But today I made a paella instead. It’s not my first paella, but it is the … More

Tiny Seascapes

I made these tiny seascapes for the two-year anniversary of Storms of Malhado, which is next week. It’s been a … More


Today I used the new art supplies to make a big pink abstract painting. I was going to do more … More

New Supplies

New art supplies were delivered today and I’ve already started using them. I made a big abstract painting trying pretty … More


How perfect is this small painting of Nancy I did today? I’m happy to report the rest of the day … More

Spring Forward

How many carousel horses with power tools does it take to change the clocks? Luckily I don’t have clocks needing … More