Paella Party!

Usually I make art. But today I made a paella instead. It’s not my first paella, but it is the first time that I taught a Spanish cooking class at a party. My friend had originally contacted me for a recommendation for a chef who could make paella and tortilla de patatas, but I told her I didn’t trust anyone with those dishes and would love to make them myself. I was thrilled that she took me up on it!

The cooking took place outdoors – as it should when making paella. There are a few other pieces of paella-wisdom I am particular about, and so many stories to tell while preparing this dish!

The people were extremely nice, and that really made the whole party fun, but the food wasn’t bad either. I even got to torch the top layer of the crème brûlée — something I’ve always wanted to do.

Later, at home, I picked up something from John and he had included a rose as he likes to do. It had wilted waiting for me on his front porch but I used my mother’s secret method for reviving roses and it came back to life. I’m almost as proud of that as of the paella 🥘.

The cigarette belongs to the horses.

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