Tiny Seascapes

I made these tiny seascapes for the two-year anniversary of Storms of Malhado, which is next week.

It’s been a really good Full Moon 🌕 with things really coming to fruition, and new beginnings clearly in sight.

I’ve heard that on a Full Moon one should revisit what one was struggling with six months ago and see how things have progressed. I can’t share everything I was struggling with in September, but one of the things was the pink bicycle that took forever to assemble, and which I at some point saw as a symbol for everything that is wrong with my life. Today it still needed the handlebars tightened, and I finally completed that task. Then I rode the bicycle around the neighborhood. After a while I realized that riding a bike makes me as happy as a Golden Retriever or any other smiling dog with a sweet disposition. When not riding a bike I’m more like a chihuahua. So yes, I can confidently say I’m in a much better place than 6 months ago.

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