Under Painting

Today I wore my favorite new dress from Tangerine Boutique to Mid Main Gallery for a very important meeting. And here comes the exciting announcement, shared first with the people who read this blog: Sarah Rimboch, one of my favorite Houston artists, and I will have a show together at Mid Main Gallery at the beginning of June. I’m really excited about this opportunity and the fresh energy and inspiration it brings.

Of course, I’m feeling motivated to create some brand new paintings to exhibit in this beautiful space. Today’s painting started off with a surprisingly successful selfie with my dog. For the first time ever, I decided to do an under painting. It’s something I’ve seen other artists do and something I’ve wanted to try for a while. So I did. The under painting, in tones of blue, was actually so much to my liking that I seriously considered not painting over it. What if I ruined this cool thing I’d just made? But then I worked up the courage to continue and I’m so glad I did because the resulting painting is definitely a favorite of mine.

And perhaps there’s a message there for me about not letting fear deter me. Sometimes when you keep going things do turn out just plain wonderful.

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