Bringing Storm Survivor Home

Storm Survivor, 36×48 inches, the cover art for Storms of Malhado is back at Sandovici Gallery after being on display in Galveston for over a year.

It seemed only fitting that the day I drove to the Island to retrieve Storm Survivor, the painting featured on the cover of Storms of Malhado, would be a stormy day. Perfect weather to listen to the audiobook in the car. And the audiobook reminded me why I want to record The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard as well, why I’m doing the Kickstarter, why it’s all absolutely worth it. The audiobook for Storms is so magical! The book is transformed in the best way possible through the work of the voice actress. So yes, I definitely want to do this again!

The rain stopped, and the Island was moody and magical, just like the book. For some reason we saw lots of cats everywhere. I took that as a wink from the Universe. After all, cats play an important role in Storms of Malhado.

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