Moody Seascape

What stuck with me from the beach trip yesterday was how moody the water was and the image of sea foam. I kept thinking I wanted to paint that, and today I did.

Mercury Retrograde has been pulling me into its depths – just like the currents tried to pull me far from shore yesterday. And I did let myself be pulled for a while. But it’s not good to go too deep or too far. This evening I got some lightheartedness in. My top collectors who are also two of my best friends and Holly’s other family took me out for a nice dinner at La Lucha, a Heights restaurant that’s quickly becoming a favorite. I drank a delicious hibiscus margarita and we ate really wonderful things and we talked and laughed. I have to say I don’t really like birthdays – or any other days conducive to expectations. I just like doing nice things on regular days. But I think tonight’s dinner got me over the birthday blues. And working on the seascape all day helped too.

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