Best Cinco de Mayo

The proof copy of Bobby’s book arrived today while I was attending the Galveston Island Tourism Summit – an event that proved to be extremely inspiring, where I got to meet some very nice people and also listen to speakers address topics I found I was very interested in. I never felt like I belonged when I attended conferences in my previous career as an academic, and I could never focus on the panels, but today at the Travel Summit I found myself excitedly taking notes on how to create experiences. Which only underscores once more that as an academic I was in the wrong place, but as a tourism professional I might have found my calling.

Later, in Houston, I might have had too many margaritas at the Heights Woman’s Club. They also gave me tacos and a little piñata. I’d say, drawing on all my newly acquired wisdom, that they managed to create a successful experience for me and everyone else involved.

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