Should I Knit a Sweater?

Should I knit a sweater for Penelope to wear in Portugal, as it’s supposed to be cool, especially in the evenings? Though, of course, Penelope is not coming with me. Apparently the airlines are understaffed and losing tons of luggage this summer, and Penelope, sweet survivor horsie from the 1960s has already been through more abuse and neglect than a little horsie should. She’s too precious to be lost in the bowels of a big plane or spend time lingering in some airport hangar. Penelope will stay home with the other horsies and she will read books. I also, frankly, don’t know how to knit sweaters, which is ironic, because I once translated a book about knitting which is still in print today.

So, freed from nonsensical chores like knitting (or even packing, as I’ll obviously be traveling light), I was able to spend the day in Galveston today. I was able to visit some of my favorite businesses, say goodbye to some of my favorite people, visit a very special old house, check out the renovation progress of the Hotel Galvez, and sit with my friend on a bench overlooking the Gulf, where the Balinese Room used to be.

Also, look at this fabulous new mural by Catherine Stroud!

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