Mama Cat

I was informed that the tiniest scrawniest of the cats in our yard is the mother of all the others. Mama Cat is small and grey. I see her mostly in the mornings when she waits with her daughters for my aunt to give them their breakfast. My aunt is very affectionate with the cats. She’s very affectionate with my old lizard too, for whom she is the main caretaker. Sometimes I watch her talk to the old lizard the same way she talks to the cats. I like that very much.

Today I finally went up to my favorite room of the Castle: the attic. Cobwebs and all, I’ve always found this space very attractive. My aunts think it’s spooky to go up there, but I know full well that the Castle is not haunted at all. I personally would enjoy a visit from the dearly departed but I’m also glad to know that they are resting.

Also, obviously, if the house were full of ghosts we would not have cats.

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