How to Stay Creative

To nourish your creativity you need to constantly find inspiration in the mundane. You also have to give yourself a little push to be creative even when you don’t feel like it. Today was one of those days for me. I felt sleepy and lazy. There was polenta for lunch which is my absolute favorite thing and I felt a bit sluggish afterwards. I wrote in the morning. I also went to one of the local stores. I fed my lizard her lunch then put her down for a nap. I did things but when it came to even thinking about painting I felt stuck. This has happened to me lately and over the past year I’ve occasionally allowed it to happen. I’ve let days go by without touching pen to paper. It’s easy to do. But it’s easy too to decide to put a stop to this bad tendency. So here’s the broom my aunt uses in the mornings to sweep up the tiny yellow fruit none of us like to eat.

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