The Story of the Rubber Ducks

You’ve probably heard talk of John Ross Palmer’s Rubber Ducks currently being displayed here at Sandovici Gallery. And you might wonder what this is all about… So here goes. The short version. With screen shots!

My friend, acclaimed artist John Ross Palmer, loves baths. Did you know he even paints in his bathtub? He can spend hours in there and it’s only one of the many things I give him grief about.

And because I am a child and a brat and excellent at amusing myself, last year for Christmas, I organized a campaign where many of his friends and collectors gave John rubber ducks as gifts. I was aiming for like 10 ducks, but apparently I know a lot of people and they all have an excellent sense of humor, so…

I was spending a nice quiet Christmas in Malaga, when the texts below started arriving about John’s growing collection of ducks. I was literally dying laughing! It made my trip to Malaga very special.

Also, obviously, John painted the ducks (probably in his bathtub) and now we’re selling them back to people. They are fabulous, unique, and edgy, and you should come see them!

No pictures of the actual painted ducks are included here because I want to preserve the element of surprise.

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