More Carousels, Please!

Last night wasn’t so bad, mostly because the power stayed on and the water didn’t get cut off either. It’s still below freezing tonight but I take comfort in the forecast for Wednesday announcing weather in the 70s.

I made myself go on a long walk, wearing my mom’s silver fox coat. And when I returned there was mail. My membership in the National Carousel Association has arrived. It was a good reminder of some of my plans for next year, when I hope to go to their annual convention as a vendor with some of my carousel horse art. This inspired me to paint yet another carousel horse. Stay tuned for more!

Also, here are random pictures of my dog, and a collage I made of some of the books I enjoyed this past year. I don’t really have a system for keeping track of the books I read, and I’ve probably left out some favorites. But these stuck with me, and that’s got to be worth something, right?

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