Celebrating Single Women

It’s not just Miley’s new song – though I am obsessed with it. It’s kind of been my mindset all along, ever since I can remember, that being single as a woman and devoting one’s energy/time/money to getting to know oneself and making one’s dreams come true is the most badass thing out there. It does present its challenges, but overall, the blissful independence and ability to prioritize self-actualization over all else is as good as it gets, at least in my book. So I decided to make February a month where I celebrate single women here at the gallery – women who not only buy themselves flowers but also buy themselves art. And horses. I’m lucky enough to know single women who own horses. How fabulous is that?

If you’re one of my single ladies, stay tuned for a special offer coming your way soon. It’s good enough to warrant ditching your husband over, if you have one. And I’m only halfway kidding.

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