Heights Library

It’s finished! I added details to my Heighs Library watercolor today and not only do I love how it turned … More

Giraffe Stuff

There’s a new pastry shop in Galveston that has a giraffe mural inside. I’ve seen it on Instagram. Naturally I … More

In Progress

Today was a slow day. I did normal kind of stuff that I don’t always get to do – talked … More

A Visit to the Cistern

Today I made this loose and flowy abstract. I also played around with making book trailers for Storms of Malhado … More

Year of the Rabbit

Today I painted this little rabbit and it sold immediately – yet another sign that the Year of the Rabbit … More


Just like I thought the Lucky Painting series needed an owl, today I decided it needed a hummingbird. This little … More

Lucky Elephant

Today I painted the first of my Lucky Painting commissions. It’s an elephant and I love how it turned out! … More

And What Now?

The cat is à propos of nothing. I just needed to draw something. My day mostly revolved around finishing draft … More