Giraffe Stuff

There’s a new pastry shop in Galveston that has a giraffe mural inside. I’ve seen it on Instagram. Naturally I wanted to have my picture taken with it, so today I wore my favorite giraffe print outfit to the Island. The pastry shop was closed and I only got to peek at the giraffe through the window. I took a picture in which you can sort of see it. It looks like it’s kissing my reflection on the head. If you look closely you’ll see the giraffe lips.

And this is how I ended up at a social event where all of Galveston was gathered dressed like a giraffe. I’m sure some of the people there appreciated it.

I also gave my first walking tour of the year and the people were really nice. During the tour we saw a grackle sitting on Mary’s head although Mary is protected by a contraption that looks a bit like a unicorn horn and that’s meant to deter birds from sitting there. I guess nothing can stand in the way of grackles – determined survivor birds – and Mary probably enjoys the occasional grackle joining her in watching over the Island and protecting us all. My guests and I took the feisty bird as a good omen. Because everything feels easy and magical this year. Grackles especially.

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