Heights Library

It’s finished! I added details to my Heighs Library watercolor today and not only do I love how it turned out, but it already sold.

I also got to go to Winter Street and help one of the artists with cleanup for about an hour. It wasn’t a lot, but the hour we spent wiping soot off her chrome display racks felt good to both of us. And afterwards we sat outside and had lunch and talked. Funny, we had met before but had never talked because it had been at White Linen five years ago when I had completely lost my voice. I almost forgot about that.

I don’t think I’ve written about this on the blog, or at least not extensively, but I feel very sad about the fire at Winter Street Studios this Christmas. It’s hard enough to be an artist even without someone setting your building on fire, and I think that beyond the destruction and having to deal with it, there’s a lot of grief for the artists in that building to process. And from everything I know about grief, the most supportive thing others can do is show up. Which is why I’m glad there’ll be a fundraising show this Saturday – it gives other artists like me a chance to show we are here and we care. Of course, I do hope we’ll raise lots of money, but it’s important too, or perhaps most important, to show support first and foremost through our presence. I’m hoping my determined blue cow will find a good home and also send the right message.

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