Pelican Time

Ok, it’s all done. I’ve worked a lot on getting the special offers for the release of Lola Is Never Drinking Again active on the website and the link to preorder the ebook is now live as well. There’s been some traction on these offers too – so far the most popular are the painting commissions that come with books.

But getting this all set up I feel like I’ve done way more online stuff than an author/artist should do. I’m not good at websites and such (and this particular website is a disaster and I probably need to change everything about it, but that’s a different story). I’m really only good at writing fiction, drawing and painting, cooking, and keeping a small dog alive (though the latter is likely due to her good genes and good luck, not my care).

Anyway, this all being said, it’s time for me to go to the Island, breathe in some salt air, look at the pelicans, and decompress. As a sign from the other side, I got a notification today that the tree I ordered for Ronnie has been planted. I’m apparently not supposed to visit it, as foot traffic might disturb the trees, but I’m glad to know the tree is out there. Ronnie would have laughed at the idea of me getting him a tree – but he would have liked it. Also, Ronnie would probably tell me to go to the Island right now.

And speaking of trees, my little fledgling sycamore definitely has some red buds on its branches that are growing from day to day and fixing to unfurl into actual leaves. It has survived the freeze. It’s a resilient little tree. And like the pelicans in Lola Is Never Drinking Again, I choose to take this as a good omen.

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