Our Art Filled Day in Galveston

At the Tremont House Hotel with some of my most supportive art friends who came down to hang out and see my art in the hotel

We had so much fun today! Lunch at Maceo’s, of course, a little bit of shopping downtown, and exploring the Tremont House Hotel having fun taking pictures with my art on the walls. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful people to support me in my artistic endeavors and beyond.

As to the small dog that came along on this trip, she did not get neglected. She enjoyed a very long walk through the historic district this evening and is currently exhausted dreaming sweet doggie dreams.

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful 24 hours. Friday evening was a nice evening with a visit to The Galvez Hotel, a walk on the seawall, visiting the historic gift shop and a nice dinner. Today topped it off enjoying our friends and you with food and art.

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