In Which I Make Something Weird

I made a weird collage and I like it a lot. I also finished another wreath, one that can transition from Easter into summer.

I went to see the herons in the morning wearing a strange little outfit that included my Air France first class pajama pants and a cashmere sweater with a hole in it my bestie gave me when she left Texas. It didn’t have a hole back then, but I’ve since worn it a lot. The herons were very active. I was very happy to see them.

Then I made myself more presentable and walked all the way to the Burger Joint to treat myself to a kimchi burger. It was beyond delicious.

The weather turned cool as I was walking home with a detour at the store. I made a very healthy beet salad with a yogurt tahini dressing for dinner, and then I made that weird collage which I like a lot.

I guess what I loved best about my day – and it’s rare that I love a Tuesday, an in-between day that usually gives me anxiety – is that I felt creative and that creativity came easy. Again, my little getaway seems to have recharged me and given my imagination a little breathing room and a little boost.

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