Magnolias in the Rain

The full moon energy is still crazy, but maybe easing up a little. It rained most of the day and was pretty cold out. I baked two frangipane apple pies – one to share with friends today, one for an Easter feast tomorrow.

I had to have a flat tire fixed today and had to put out a few other little fires. I took care of everything, but still feel a little out of balance. At least my back feels better. It’s been bothering me for a while, which always depresses me, but it was ok today.

I’m listening to Storms of Malhado (again!) because it makes me feel good. I love that book, and I feel like no matter how messy or chaotic life gets, at least I wrote a book I’m really proud of. I do, by the way, feel the same about Glory Days, and I think I’ll feel that way about Lola Is Never Drinking Again too once it’s published.

Also, I got to see Bobby and Nancy today. They were a little blue because they got vaccines yesterday and that upset them, but they were happy to see me too.

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