Summer Is Not Canceled

I started the day still feeling anxious and a bit defeated, but things got progressively better, and by the afternoon I had what I wanted most of all: My manuscript back from my editor with her comments and corrections, which I have started addressing right away. And y’all, I’m moving along fast! Lola Is Never Drinking Again is definitely on track for on time publication, and I might even manage to get the paperback version out in May. How lovely would that be?

Summer is definitely not canceled. To make sure my favorite season will be satisfying in more ways than one, I found a perfect pool to swim in. Since I have so far failed at befriending neighbors with pools. It’s a pool with a view of an Indian temple, no less. So, whatever bits of summer I won’t be spending in Europe or promoting my new book in Galveston, will be spent swimming at the Y in Garden Oaks. Also, summer starts now, because the pool is heated, and girls who spend hours sitting on a yoga ball editing novels need to counteract that with exercise.

Also, I need some help and support from y’all! Because my recent descent into a pit of despair as I was fretting about my book reminded me that writing is lonely business and that I need people around me who are excited about my next novel. I need to keep present in my mind that this is not just some pet project I concocted to amuse myself, but something to be shared – something that will only truly come to life once others get to experience it too and filter it through their own lens of perception and emotions.

So what can you do? Please make your presence known! Say stuff, comment, remind me that you’re out there. I’m especially hoping for some reader interaction tomorrow when I plan on sharing the first chapter of the book here on this blog. Please take the time to read, share, comment. It will make me very very happy.

Also, I did finish my new owl painting.


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