Slowly, very very slowly, I’m getting reacquainted with the manuscript for Glory Days. I decided to do a fashion sketch to get myself back into thinking about what Aimée would have worn in 1898. It helped a little bit, and I’m hoping to make more progress tomorrow. It’s been a weird day. The stars andContinue reading “1898”

Independence Day 2020

The inspiration for this year’s 4th of July painting is my dear friend Margo, one of my fashion icons, who once upon a time worked at The Firm, the boutique in Galveston I still dream of at night, and which is mentioned in Storms of Malhado. Margo sold me my very first pair of designerContinue reading “Independence Day 2020”

Wear Your Mask

Ok, everyone, I love you, please wear your mask! Wear it in such way that it covers both your mouth and nose (both nostrils!), and while wearing it kindly still stay 6 feet away from others. It’s easy enough, even if it’s hot out. It’s a sign of respect and responsibility and a small inconvenienceContinue reading “Wear Your Mask”

Mask Up, Buttercup!

It’s official! As of Monday, businesses in Harris County will have to require all employees and customers to wear masks and will face fines if they fail to do so. As a small business owner in perpetual limbo over how to balance safety with being as welcoming as possible, this order helps a lot. I’mContinue reading “Mask Up, Buttercup!”