Independence Day 2020

The inspiration for this year’s 4th of July painting is my dear friend Margo, one of my fashion icons, who once upon a time worked at The Firm, the boutique in Galveston I still dream of at night, and which is mentioned in Storms of Malhado. Margo sold me my very first pair of designer jeans, back when buying luxury fashion was new to me. She’s the first friend I made in Galveston, way before I moved there. Nowadays she works at HEB (for those not from Texas, this is an awesome grocery store who prepared for the pandemic and showed great foresight), which makes her a hero in my book. I really loved the picture she posted the other day, wearing her red bandanna, her cool aviator shades, and her blue mask, with the flag as a background. I thought it was the perfect thing to paint for the 4th of July.

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