Wear Your Mask

Ok, everyone, I love you, please wear your mask! Wear it in such way that it covers both your mouth and nose (both nostrils!), and while wearing it kindly still stay 6 feet away from others. It’s easy enough, even if it’s hot out. It’s a sign of respect and responsibility and a small inconvenience for the sake of stopping this awful virus.

Today I felt like giving another shoutout to Judge Lina Hildalgo, who has been tirelessly telling Houstonians to stay home and please wear masks when they go out. I saw a picture on her Instagram where she’s wearing a Pride mask, so I had to paint it. No parade this year, no Pride parties. But we can still celebrate in safe socially distant ways. Such as painting Judge Hidalgo wearing a Pride mask over Facebook Live while my wonderful collectors and friends watch.

I ended up not being able to try YouTube Live because my YouTube channel needs 1,000 subscribers in order for me to be able to do so. Y’all, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I promise to create some fun videos and post them! Meanwhile it was awesome that one of my closest friends, who recently took a Facebook break, was still able to watch me paint live via Facebook Watch. On her TV, no less! So there are ways…

In other news, while some of us are deciding to stay put once again, I thought I’d start a fun new project, a game of sorts. Each day I’ll post a Crazy Good Deal on a special page on this website. It’ll have a “buy now” button and the first person to see it and want it will get it! If nobody snatches the Crazy Good Deal by the end of the day, the item will go into my online store at full retail price.

Also, I think I finally designed a cover for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe that I love love love. What do y’all think? And more importantly, have you read the book yet?

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