Beer and Intellectual Conversation

Today a friend said something I found really cool. He said people in Spain don’t go to art shows for the art, they go for the beer and intellectual conversation. Mind you, it sounds cooler in Spanish. Tomar cervezas y intelectualizar. It inspired the painting I was working on while we were talking. It was a quick spontaneous painting (though I worked on the background for about four hours). When I was done with it, or at least as done as I was gonna be today, I wasn’t satisfied. Not sure if I don’t like it because I’m tired or because allowing myself to be spontaneous and free in my art is hard for me. But I felt like I hadn’t truly made something that counts, something worth posting on the blog. So I went home and drew something inspired by the same comment, and I don’t like this either, but at least I feel like I’ve tried. And now I’ll walk the biggest dog in the universe and go to bed.

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