Ghost Story In the Making

Today was an absolutely magical day in the studio. AVM was there working on her 12 quick pieces (she got the same assignment I had, and Paula did it too!). It was our first time working in the studio together and the energy was great in there! I felt inspired to do another Galveston collage, a ghost story in the making. I ended up being there for five hours and I made a lot of progress. Then I went home, fed my monster, and sat down to draw the girl in the collage. It occurred to me that as hard as I thought I was working on my art before (and I did think I was working hard because I made something every day!), that truly was nothing. The mentorship got me to kick the art making into high gear. I realize that I simply must make a lot more stuff. This tends to be John’s advice to us too, and I totally get his point.

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