Old Houses

All day my mind has been on the beautiful old Galveston house I fell in love with yesterday. I had no recourse but to paint the chandelier. This only distracted me so much: I envisioned throwing parties in the space, selling art to raise money for renovations, and other scenarios that are probably as far-fetched as they are delightful.

I decided to take refuge from all these fantasies in my Escapist studio. I thought that was fitting. Sometimes you need to delve into your inner world in order to escape your inner world.

Yesterday my mentor, John Palmer, suggested I paint at least twelve images of cities I love to include in my solo show this summer (July 27th! Mark your calendars!). I decided to start with Bucharest. I got my inspiration from a picture posted on Instagram by photographer Alberto Grosescu of one of my favorite houses.

By the end of the day I had still not decided what I want to do, but at least I’d produced two watercolors I like.

Chandelier $70

House in Bucharest $90

(It remains to be seen if proceeds from either of these will go towards restoring an old house in Galveston).

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