And finally, I’m ready to share with the world at large my very first Escapist painting! Should you love it and want to purchase it, please let me know ( It is 18”x24” acrylic and acrylic collage on wood panel, and costs $432.

This painting is called Transformation and is inspired by the beginning of the Escapist Mentorship Program, which coincided with the full moon in Leo, marking renewal and joy, and with the ancestral Festival of Lights (Imbolc) celebrating the beginning of spring. I painted a green heart blooming into hellebores, late winter flowers, messengers of nature coming back to life. The coyote also symbolizes transformation and optimism, as coyotes as totem animals are shape shifters and playful tricksters that reveal truth and guide us. I chose a bold pink background in order to acknowledge that all Escapists this year are women.

We were given a challenge to create a painting in our studios and sell it by February 14th. I’m learning something new every day as part of this program, and it’s quite exciting! I’m also painting a lot, and there are other works available for sale as well.

Big Fish, acrylic on paper, $70

The Client Is Not In a Hurry (Sagrada Familia, acrylic on paper, $70)

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